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Setree Investigations, LLC

Private Investigators with strong backgrounds in law enforcement, security, surveillance and more.

What sets us apart?


We're Licensed

Licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division 3085.

We're Experienced

More than 50 years combined in law enforcement and 5 years as a licensed private investigator.

Call: 803-399-1148

Our Services

Marital Problems

Is your spouse cheating? Suspicion that your spouse may be cheating is a painful thought. We can help bring you peace of mind and hopefully closer.

Missing Persons

Unfortunately people go missing in America everyday. We combine our best resources and investigators and make a missing loved one’s case a top priority.

Abuse Cases

Knowing someone you love is being abused is a nightmare. We have helped many families obtain the evidence they needed to prosecute abusers.

Stalking & Harassment

Let’s face it we have all come across someone in life either on a personal or professional level that just won’t let it go. We have the experience to build a stalking or harassment case to eliminate such problems from your life.

Criminal Investigations

Charged with a crime you did not commit or have a loved one who’s been wrongfully convicted of a crime? We can find the facts to clear your name or set your loved one free.

Workplace Accidents

Been injured at work and your company is denying responsibility? We will turn over every stone to get the necessary evidence so you can focus on recovery and get back to work to provide for your family.

Surveillance Detection

If you feel someone is spying on you or your business with the intentions of causing you harm or stealing your confidential business secrets, surveillance detection can be an appropriate course of action.

Insurance Fraud

One of the biggest factors in insurance rates is due to fraud. Our investigators are well trained to get the evidence needed to save your company money and bring to justice people who commit insurance fraud.
Clients have been pleased with the results.

Outstanding – 5 Stars

Brian has helped me with several stressful issues that arose. He is a great person and will investigate to get you answers.

D. Richards, – Client

Money Well Spent – 5 Stars

Absolutely wonderful people to work with and investigate my case. All the staff members including the private investigators were sympathetic, attentive and thorough while working my case. They were very affordable and considerate when making payment arrangements. I felt like they really were there to help my family and I have resolution quickly which was much appreciated considering the nature of my case. It was money well spent and is highly recommended to anyone looking for honesty and integrity when hiring a private investigative company.

Jennifer Chester, – Client

Great Work – 5 Stars

Great investigative work. Would highly recommend. Use frequently for a variety of case types, never disappoints.

James R. Snell, Jr., – Client

Great Investigator – 5 Stars

I have no doubt that some of my most dramatic client victories were based on information I wouldn’t have had without the investigations we received, at a fair price.

Aaron Walsh, – Client

Outstanding – 5 Stars

Very professional and responsive! Would definitely hire again.

M. Dodds, – Client
Meet Brian Setree, CEO & Senior Investigator

Hi, my name is Brian Setree. After I retired from a distinguished career in 2012 from law enforcement, I decided it was time to bring the skills and knowledge gained from my previous career to the general public. As such, I’ve assembled an amazing team of investigators that have a burning desire to serve others and uncover the the truth.

Everyone on our team is committed to finding the facts in your case so you can get the justice you deserve or peace of mind that you need to keep your life or business moving in the right direction.

Your Next Steps
3 easy steps to see if we can help.

1. Contact us

We’re available 24/7, so we’re easy to reach. Simply call our office at 803-399-1148. You can also click here to send us an email

2. We'll review your case

We listen closely and ask the right questions. Our goal is to determine if we can truly help you. Last but not least, our consultation is always free so you have nothing to lose.

3. Retain us

Should we decide to work together, we ask that you complete a very simple agreement, pay the retainer fee and then we get started on your case.
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to common questions.
Who hires private investigators?
Individuals and businesses alike often times retain our investigative services. Individuals include those who are facing marital challenges such as adultery or child custody issues, harassment, stalking, dating background checks, criminal investigations and more. Businesses include: Human Resource (HR) Professionals, Safety Professionals, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Lawyer /Attorney, Caregiver or Homemaker, Business Owners and Landlord (Property Owner) just to name a few.
Do private investigators have to be licensed?
Yes. A license from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is required to be a private investigator or private detective in the state. SLED requires that applicants have a substantial amount of experience to become a private investigator or a private detective.
What type of things are private detectives not allow to do?
In South Carolina private detectives cannot operate without a license, impersonate law enforcement, break the law, participate in unethical practices such as placing an individual in danger. In addition, we’re not allowed to trespass, unlawfully obtain information, enter a home of place of business without consent, tamper with mail, wiretap a phone without consent, video a person through a window in their private home, or place a GPS tracker without consent. For a complete list of things we’re not allowed to do please click here to contact us.
I'm ready to retain your services. What's next?
Call our office at 803-490-9355 or our toll free number 844-573-0027 or click here to send us an email.
What type of services do private investigators provide?
Accident / Reconstruction Arson / Fire Asset Search Background Checks Bounty Hunter Bug Sweep / TSCM Child Support / Custody Civil Computer Forensics / Crime Corporate Crime Scene Criminal Domestic Due Diligence Electronic Data Discovery Electronic Surveillance Executive Protection Financial Forensic Fraud General Identity Theft Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Insurance Judgment Recovery Missing Persons
How soon can you start working on our case?
We can start working on your case right away. We understand that in most of the situations time is of the essence. We keep our caseload limited so we can provide each one the focus and expediency that it deserves.
You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to work with us.

Let’s talk! Call 803-399-1148 or complete the form below to send us an email.